While “Conan Exiles” is already on its way to the Xbox One, a Nintendo Switch release for the sandbox adventure game still remains unlikely. Developer Funcom recently opened up on why this is so while also discussing the road map for the future updates.

In an exclusive interview Dual Shockers, game director Joel Bylos revealed that they are closer to launching the Xbox One version of the game given that it is now running on Microsoft’s console internally. Bylos admitted that though the control system still requires work, the game is already looking “pretty good” on Xbox One. Good thing Funcom still has time to work on the issue ahead of “Conan Exiles” release on Microsoft’s console in the third quarter of this year.

Unfortunately, while Funcom is now a step closer to the Xbox One version of the open world survival game, it is far from releasing a version that would work on Nintendo’s new console. Bylos revealed that the studio has no current plan of porting the game to the Nintendo Switch. In fact, the developer has yet to speak to Nintendo about this.

“Conan Exiles” was launched on PC through Steam Early Access on Jan. 31, 2017. GameSpot has learned that the game sold around 320,000 copies in just one week since its release. This is perhaps the reason why Bylos said that they are now more eager to regularly update the game. Starting next week, the developer even intends to patch content almost every week.

In addition, Funcom has big plans for thralls long-term. First, the studio wants to create an AI system that would enable players to customize the behavior of the thralls and have them recognize friends from foes. With this new system, the developer also wants to make it a necessity for thralls to eat and sleep. Hence, players would then have to look for food and look for barracks where they could stay.

To know more about Bylos’ revelations about the studio’s plans for “Conan Exiles,” which is also set to launch on the PlayStation 4 in early 2018, watch his presentation to the press at this year’s GDC 2017 below.