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There are a few things "Constantine" viewers and "Hellblazer" fans should know before watching the new series. NBC

NBC’s “Constantine” premiered at New York Comic Con on Oct. 9, giving attendees a sneak peak look at the upcoming “Hellblazer” adaptation. “Constantine” follows John Constantine (Matt Ryan) as he reluctantly gets back into demon hunting, despite entering a mental hospital to make him stop seeing demons. There are a few things that the International Business Times learned at NYCC that you need to know before watching “Constantine” Season 1 episode 1.

1. Constantine Is Sympathetic -- Some fans at the screening mentioned that they hoped Constantine would still be “a coward” and a little unlikable as he is in the comics. In the pilot episode, John Constantine is pretty likable. He is a funny, fast paced demon hunter with a tortured past. He especially gains the audiences sympathy after he explains that he accidentally condemned a little girl to hell, and that’s why he wanted to quit hunting demons.

2. Liv Is Not Sticking Around -- The pilot introduces Liv (Lucy Griffiths) as Constantine's psychic companion, but she won't be around for long. As previously reported, Liv was written out of the series by the end of the pilot and Constantine will get a new companion, Zed (Angélica Celaya). The excuse for her departure feels a little abrupt, but this is actually a great change. In the pilot, Liv is a little too wide eyed and boring to be by Constantine’s side. However, she serves a purpose: she sends Constantine on a mission.

3. The U.S. Location Makes Sense -- While the “Hellblazer” comics took place in England, only the first few minutes of the pilot take place across the pond. Constantine goes to Atlanta to find Liv, and she leaves him with a map of demonic disturbances across the country. She can't face all of these demons, but Constantine can.

4. Keep The Lights On -- The show premieres a week before Halloween. It’s great timing because these demons are seriously creepy. It’s a show that some people might need to watch with the lights on.

5. It’s Fast -- Pay attention because this show isn’t waiting around for you to catch up. “Constantine” explains mythology very quickly and sometimes doesn’t explain things at all. Constantine just accepts Manny (Harold Perrineau) as his guardian angel. This isn’t a shocker for him at all. He very briefly explains that his friend Chas (Charles Halford) is immortal. They don’t focus on Liv’s shock and awe as she is introduced to this new world.

6. It’s Very “Supernatural” -- As far as new DC Comics shows go, “Constantine” isn’t as dark as “Gotham,” but it’s also not as light as “The Flash.” Although the comics were around before “Supernatural” started, the tone feels very akin to the CW show about crossing the country hunting demons (and not just because Constantine and Castiel share a trench coat). "Constantine's" mix of humor and creepiness and the tragic hero plotline feel very similar to "Supernatural." This could be a good thing since “Supernatural” survived the Friday night timeslot that “Constantine” is starting off in.

“Constantine” Season 1 premieres Friday, Oct. 24 at 10 p.m. on NBC. Will you be tuning in? Sound off in the comments section below!