• The Colorado woman started her OnlyFans as a means of "spicing up" her sex life with her husband and decompressing from her job
  • Some of her colleagues allegedly paid to obtain access to her account to "investigate" her conduct
  • The Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office denied her allegations and claimed she was attempting to "drive traffic to her website"

A former police officer in Arapahoe County, Colorado, was allegedly forced to retire late last year after her colleagues discovered she sold her nude photos on the internet.

Melissa Williams, 46, accepted a $30,000 severance package to retire as a lieutenant of the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office (ACSO) in November 2021 following the discovery of her OnlyFans page, Fox 31 reported.

The 28-year police veteran — known as Lexi Bella on the subscription service — started moonlighting on the platform in May 2020 as a means of "spicing up" her sex life with her husband and decompressing from her job, a report by the New York Post said.

Her content ranged from posing naked or partially naked to engaging in sex acts with her husband.

"It was a fun way to relax and be creative together after a stressful week in a stressful job," said the self-proclaimed "MILF and wife-next-door" with more than 300 subscribers.

However, Williams' co-workers eventually found out about her sideline, and a female officer from a neighboring police department filed a complaint with the ACSO on Aug. 5, 2021, claiming that Williams' "poor judgment was a discredit" to her department.

Williams insisted that the side job did not affect employees, her work, the community or even the person who reported it and that her "personal sex life was entirely separate and never affected [her] ability to do [her] job."

While ethics and legal studies professor Don Mayer of the University of Denver said there was no strong argument that suggested Williams did anything unlawful, a spokesperson for Sheriff Tyler Brown said the ACSO felt the former lieutenant should have asked for permission for secondary employment like any other deputy.

Aside from the complaint, Williams also allegedly discovered that her colleagues gossiped about her OnlyFans page, with five of her colleagues from various ranks even signing up for paid access to her account to "investigate" her conduct.

Williams reportedly felt as if her fellow officers were not seeking justice but rather wanted to see her naked.

The mental toll from the alleged "slut-shaming" led to a doctor signing Williams off on 12 months of leave with the recommendation that she leave her job for good.

Williams later accepted the severance package her attorney and the ACSO put up for her.

"I loved my job — but how could I go back to work in an environment like that? It was hard being a woman in the force. People have always been jealous of me because I am successful, attractive and confident," said Williams, who reportedly dreamed of being a police officer since she was 14 years old.

However, Williams said leaving the force was a "blessing in disguise," as she "can sleep at night now" and "feels 10 years younger without the stresses of police work."

The former police officer currently earns $4,000 a month on OnlyFans — less than what she received from her old job — but she hopes her page will take off now that she can spend more time on it.

Williams, who also now posts content on Instagram, also aspires to become a team leader or manager in security or corporate training in the future.

Following the entire ordeal, Williams still believes that her case "could have been handled with a professional conversation" rather than through a supposed forced resignation.

"Instead, I felt I was a really good police officer and felt pushed out of a really good career because of prudishness," she said.

Sheriff Brown declined to discuss Williams' case, but his spokesperson has since released a statement on the matter.

"As far as the secondary employment, our policy does not explicitly mention OnlyFans or similar web hosting platforms; however, the policy does cover secondary employment that may negatively affect a member’s performance of their regular assigned duties, or which likely would bring the Sheriff’s Office into disrepute. In light of the nature of OnlyFans platforms, the Sheriff has interpreted our policy to mean that anyone having such a website or page as a second job would need to notify the Sheriff and obtain his approval before pursuing such an undertaking," the spokesperson said.

The ACSO released another statement Monday, saying that William brought "discredit" to the office and that her allegations were "nothing more than an effort to manufacture a 'newsworthy' story to drive traffic to her website."

Representation. Former Arapahoe County lieutenant Melissa Williams allegedly discovered that her colleagues gossiped about her OnlyFans page, with five of her colleagues from various ranks even signing up for paid access to her account. Pixabay