• Booker said that fundraising was a major issue for his campaign
  • President Trump reacted to the news in a mocking fashion
  • Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren thanked Booker for running a strong campaign

Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., said Monday that he is ending his presidential campaign, announcing the decision in an email to supporters.

"Friend, it’s with a full heart that I share this news — I’ve made the decision to suspend my campaign for president," Booker said in the email. "It was a difficult decision to make, but I got in this race to win, and I’ve always said I wouldn’t continue if there was no longer a path to victory."

Booker said that fundraising was a major issue for his campaign, and said that raising more money would be difficult. He said that he could not be as active in collecting donations as he has to stay in Washington to work on Trump's impeachment.

President Trump reacted to the news in a mocking fashion.

“Really Big Breaking News (Kidding): Booker, who was in zero polling territory, just dropped out of the Democrat Presidential Primary Race. Now I can rest easy tonight. I was sooo concerned that I would someday have to go head to head with him!” Trump tweeted.

Democratic presidential candidates thanked Booker for adding to the primary.

“Cory, you campaigned with joy and heart, and instead of just talking about bringing people together, you did it every day. You made our politics better just by running. Grateful to you and looking forward to your continued leadership,” former Vice President Joe Biden tweeted.

“Thank you, Cory Booker. You've always been a powerful voice for justice and equality, and you've made this primary stronger. I know you will continue to be a leader in the fight to defeat Donald Trump and build a stronger future for America,” Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren wrote in a Facebook post.

Booker announced his campaign for president on Feb. 1, during Black History Month. His campaign focused on social justice issues, such as LGBT rights, and he has also taken bold stances on the environment and crime. He supports the Green New Deal and has said the war on drugs has to end.

Yet, Booker’s campaign had struggled to go above 2% in national polls and has had financial challenges, making last-minute calls for donations. Booker’s decision follows the recent announcements of spiritual author Marianne Williams and former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro to also drop out of the race.

Booker has said that he would be open to being the vice-presidential candidate on a Democratic ticket but said in June he would turn down the offer if the Democratic nominee is a male, due to diversity concerns.