Girl Meets World
“Girl Meets World” will premiere in 2014. Disney
Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel reprise their roles from “Boy Meets World” as Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence/Matthews in the “Girl Meets World” pilot. Wiki

As almost everybody may have heard by now, “Girl Meets World,” the sequel to the 1990s megahit “Boy Meets World,” is set to premiere sometime next year. The Disney Channel has announced that after shooting the pilot episode, it plans to move forward with the series -- incredible news for the 20somethings who grew up with Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) and Topanga Lawrence/Matthews (Danielle Fishel).

When details about the new series were released, followers of the highly anticipated show were slightly confused as to how Disney had sidetracked from the ABC original series, as recounted by Screen Rant. Because the new show is intended for an entirely new generation that may not have seen “Boy Meets World,” however, the differences between them may be slightly less important.

The new series is centered on Cory’s and Topanga’s preteen daughter, Riley Matthews, and her friend Maya Fox. Essentially, the pair will be this generation’s Cory and Shawn Hunter. However, what came as a recent surprise was the cutting of a main character before the show even premiered.

Cory and Topanga were set to have two children on the show, Riley, and her older brother, Elliot, played by Teo Halm. Halm took to Twitter Saturday to break the news that his character had been dropped:

His erstwhile fellow cast member and on-screen mom, Danielle Fishel quickly responded, also via Twitter: