A new survey by left-leaning Public Policy Polling this week shows Trump at 48% backing in Republican stronghold Alaska, with Biden’s support coming in at 45%. The poll has a three-point margin of error. 

The survey shows Trump’s approval in the state at 46%, with his disapproval coming in at 49%. Incumbent Sen. Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska, is only beating opponent Al Gross by just five points, 39% to 34%. Gross, a commercial fisherman and orthopedic surgeon, is an independent but is backed by Democrats in the state due to his pro-union and environmental stances.

While Alaska has just three electoral votes, Trump may not be able to afford to lose a state that he won so convincingly in 2016. Trump defeated Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton by nearly 15 points in the state, 51.28% to 36.55%.

The last time a Democrat won Alaska was 1964, when incumbent Lyndon B. Johnson defeated Republican Barry Goldwater.

Despite the poll numbers, Alaska still leans toward Trump. The state has a Republican governor and both U.S. Senators are Republican. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on and the economy suffers, polls have also shown Biden doing fairly well in states that traditionally vote for Republicans in presidential elections. Biden either leads or is in contention in Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina and Texas.

With the election 114 days away, Trump could be in for an uphill battle for both the electoral college vote and the popular vote. The latest Economist/YouGov survey shows Biden at 49% support nationwide, with Trump receiving 40% of the vote. A right-leaning Rasmussen Reports survey shows Biden at 50% of the vote, with Trump coming in at 40%.