Ever since Meghan Markle gave birth to Archie Harrison in May, the world has wondered: When will she have baby number two?

Although plenty of rumors are swirling, the answer still remains a mystery. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex could do things the natural way, as can be assumed they did with their firstborn. But there has been a lot of talk about the couple potentially adopting

If Meghan and Prince Harry were to go the adoption route, they would be keeping with their trend of breaking the rules. While there is "no law that prevents" them from adopting a child, it has never been done by any member of the British royal family, according to Bustle, and would result in the couple simply breaking tradition, not protocol. 

The Sussex's aren't the only ones who are rumored to consider adoption. Kate Middleton was also subject to the same rumors but fans were quick to dismantle it and said the Duchess would never subject a child to such rejection. 

“At this time, to adopt children (or have them outside of wedlock) in the monarchy means they cannot be recognized," one fan explained. "To do this to a child and have them not officially be part of the family and for them to be separated from the biological legitimate issue would have to be one of the cruelest things one could do to a child.”