It only took one episode of “Couple’s Therapy” for Courtney Stodden to be called “trash.”

Teen bride Courtney Stodden and her 52-year-old husband Doug Hutchinson have already placed themselves in the middle of drama on their first reality show, the second season of “Couples Therapy.”

Wearing a skimpy outfit, a gold micro mini and a mid-drift baring shirt, the 18-year-old Stodden sat on her husband’s lap while smugly questioning one of the other wives.

As a result, on the show’s premiere Wednesday night Stodden was called “trash” by “The Dirty” founder Nik Richie, it was his wife, Shayne Lamas, that Stodden accused of “looking uncomfortable.”

“Are you okay Shayne? You feel uncomfortable. You look very uncomfortable.”

Lamas replied, “No I’m not.” It appeared as if she were going to try and shake it off but when the next words out of the 18-year-old’s mouth were, “It’s kind-of sad,” Lamas seemed to snap.

“Oh really?” Stodden couldn’t even let her finish her sentence before saying, “Yeah.”

But Shane continued what she had to say:

“I’m only uncomfortable when I see somebody like trying to put on a show. That makes me uncomfortable.”

Nonchalantly Stodden replied, “I’m not putting on a show.”

To which Lamas fired back with, “Because when I’m trying to real—

Stodden cut her off again to say, “Real—R-I-L-L, real.”

Lamas was referring to the way Hutchinson and Stodden were acting. Everyone at VH1’s “Couple’s Therapy” is supposed to be working on their relationships and it’s almost like a slap in the face that Stodden is sitting on her 52-year-old husband’s lap.

Nearly anyone would feel uncomfortable by that. But, the awkwardness between the two feuding couples only grows when Hutchison cuts in an asked what the problem was, and that everyone should be “putting on a show.”

Lamas was dumfounded at first and was trying to explain how she was there to work on her marriage, not make a spectacle out of her relationship.

The argument of who is “real” or not goes back and forth until Hutchison brings it to a new level and asks Lamas if she’s high and sincerely meant it.

That was when Lamas’ husband, Richie, starting feuding with Hutchison saying that he must be “high” because he wife is only 17.

Hutchison then tells the group that he is raising his wife.

The bickering between the group continued until one of the other Couple’s Therapy” members asked Richie if he knew who Stodden was before coming here and he said, “Of course she’s the trash all over the internet.”

That’s when Hutchison felt the need to be a “tough guy” and get into Richie’s face over the comment, not to mention this was only the first episode of the show and before they even made their way into therapy.

Wednesday nights on VH1 are going to be interesting from now on.