Criminal Minds
Hotch will be replaced by experienced profiler Stephen Walker in “Criminal Minds” Season 12, episode 8. CBS

CBS crime series “Criminal Minds” premiered a chilling episode this week in which a man claimed to be Dr. Tara Lewis’ (Aisha Tyler) brother. Next week, the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) will hunt an unsub who isn’t afraid to pile up his body count.

According to the synopsis (via SpoilerTV), the team will head to Yakima in Washington to catch an unsub after an astonishing twelve bodies are found along a creek bed. While the case of the week will be the main focus of “Criminal Minds” Season 12, episode 8, the episode will also introduce a new cast member to the BAU.

“Whiplash” actor Damon Gupton has joined “Criminal Minds” as a seasoned profiler named Stephen Walker. The show will spend some time introducing this new character who has replaced Aaron “Hotch” Hotcher (Thomas Gibson) after Gibson was fired from the series due to an on-set altercation with a writer and producer. Gupton is the second new cast member to join the CBS drama after Adam Rodriguez. Rodriguez portrays Luke Alvez.

The eerie promo of the upcoming episode, titled “Scarecrow,” shows a woman running away from someone. Initally, the team is called to investigate an abduction but when Alvez finds a body it quickly becomes a murder case. Then, new BAU Chief Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) gives Alvez the bad news: More bodies have been found.

The most chilling aspect of the trailer isn't the bodies, it is that the victim is trying desperately to talk to the unsub who wears a scarecrow mask. “What did you do?” she tells her future killer, “You can tell me.”

“Criminal Minds” Season 12, episode 8 premieres on Wednesday, Dec. 7 at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.

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