Halloween is officially over, which means the holiday season is around the corner. And Cyber Monday deals may be the key to making sure travel plans don't break the bank this year. 

Travel websites like Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz released various vacation packages in celebration of Cyber Monday. Packages include deals on both airfare and hotels and are valid through the holiday season. 

Expedia is offering 40 percent off selected hotels, valid through November 27 and Orbitz has flight deals under 200 dollars, valid through December 31. Flights to New York can be as low as 72 dollars and 52 dollars from Los Angeles through Sky Scanner. 

Even though Cyber Monday's deals seem worth the wait, some deals are riddled with blackout dates and certain restrictions. Travel deals are not specific to one day, and if the Cyber Monday saving fantasies don't come true, there are tips and tricks to ensure the best deal possible for every other day of the year. 

If you have to fly on a popular day, buy early for the best prices. Usually, the Friday before a holiday will have the largest volume of travelers which means the highest flight fares. Before booking flights, consider departing a few days earlier to ensure a good deal and bet the mass of people.