• "Cyberpunk 2077" features a variety of endings depending on player choices
  • It also features a secret ending that can only be accessed via a specific set of choices
  • It's not hard to access, but it requires careful action

Like many other great titles in recent years, CD Projekt Red’s “Cyberpunk 2077” also features several endings that can be achieved depending on the player’s actions and decisions in the game. There are good endings and bad endings, and then there are secret endings – which the new role-playing game also has.

Those who want to see the game’s secret ending will need to do a specific set of actions that include taking on a side quest and making user-critical choices in various interactions, Comicbook noted. Here’s how to get the secret ending in “Cyberpunk 2077.”

First, users should be able to unlock the side mission titled “Chippin’ In.” This side mission doesn’t unlock until later in the game, so until then, players are free to do whatever they want to do.

But they must never take on the final main quest, “Nocturne Op55N1.” It is vital that players avoid taking on the final main quest lest they finish the entire game without seeing the secret ending.

Second, players should choose the “Chippin’ In” side mission once it becomes available. Upon starting, players will go with Johnny Silverhand to an oil field. After a bit of gameplay, players will have a conversation with Silverhand, where they’ll need to choose the following prompts when presented in this order:

  • “The guy who saved my life”
  • “No, you ****** that up too”
  • “What do you want from me?”
  • “OK. But as second chances go, this is your last.”

Third, there will be more dialogue choices after these. Comicbook noted that players should choose the following options in order, just to be safe:

  • “You were a real **** in the beginning”
  • “When you said you let down your friends…”
  • “Smasher biz really got to her”
  • “Yeah, I’ll call Rogue”

Players should be able to unlock a new side mission called "Blistering Love" after this.

Fourth, players should complete the “Blistering Love” mission with Rogue once it becomes available.

Fifth, after finishing “Blistering Love,” players will need to finish the last main quest, “Nocturne Op55N1.” Once players get to the part where they speak with Silverhand on a roof, they should choose to let him battle Rogue at the Arasaka Tower.

Silverhand will ask players if they’re in, but players don’t need to respond. After a few minutes of waiting, Silverhand will let players go to Arasaka Tower and fight it out with him. Players should choose this option.

Sixth, after finishing the final main quest, players should take on the final mission called “Don’t Fear The Reaper.” Players should make sure to equip their best gear and create a backup save file because players are only given one shot at finishing this mission.

A "Cyberpunk 2077" promo picture. Steam