• "Cyberpunk 2077" is now available worldwide
  • One of the game's legendary figure is Johnny Silverhand
  • Here are the tips and tricks on how to obtain his items for free

Johnny Silverhand is a legendary figure in "Cyberpunk 2077." Interestingly, Johnny owns some of the best items in the game, which includes the Porsche 911 Turbo car, the Malorian Arm 3516 Pistol and a full outfit that's breathtaking. Initially, these were only available for players who would replay one of his memories, but V can find these items and use them in free roam.

How To Obtain Johnny Silverhand's Tank Top And Aviator

Before players can obtain any of Johnny Silverhand's items, they have to progress through the main story first until they receive the Tapeworm quest. Players need to exit the conversation with Johnny to be able to obtain his items. After that, players would be directed to Hotel Pistis Sophia, which is located in the Pacifica District. At this point, players would be handed Johnny Silverhand's Tank Top.

A Side Quest that has something to do with Rogue's storyline called "Chippin' In" will pop up. Players just need to do what Johnny says and allow him to have full control of V's body. After a night of Johnny's debauchery, players will receive his Aviator Sunglasses. Rogue will say that she will contact V a day later and will give him the Johnny's Samurai Jacket.

Users complained of bugs and glitchy graphics, and one player even said that playing Cyberpunk 2077 had caused an epileptic seizure
Users complained of bugs and glitchy graphics, and one player even said that playing Cyberpunk 2077 had caused an epileptic seizure AFP / Kazuhiro NOGI

How To Get Johnny Silverhans's Gun and Car

Players need to help Rogue find Adam Smasher and while looking for him, V will have to fight a wave of Maelstorm gangers led by Grayson. After defeating all enemies, players should go to Grayson and take Johnny's gun from his feet. Players would be provided with an option of either spare his life or kill him.

If players would let Grayson live, he will give V the keys to a cargo container, which is hanging by a crane. Players should lower it and open the container to get Johnny Silverhand's Porsche. It will be a permanent addition to the player's car collection.

How To Obtain Johnny Silverhand’s Trousers And Shoes

Both Johnny Silverhand's trousers and shoes can be collected in two separate side missions. Johnny's trousers can be obtained by accepting the Psychofan Gig located in the southeastern area of The Glen in Hollywood District. The trousers are inside a suitcase in the apartment bedroom.

"Cyberpunk2077" players can get Johnny's shoes by accepting the Family Heirloom Gig. It is located in the southeastern area of Charter Hill in the game's Westbrook District. It is important to note, however, that these quests will only be available after players reach a Street Cred of Level 38.