The “Cyberpunk” board game creator has shared that actor Keanu Reeves’ involvement in "Cyberpunk 2077" could potentially spawn a movie of this video game. Reeves is definitely bringing some star power into the game. If the prediction proves true, Reeves might be responsible for making one of the most difficult things to do right in film: make a video game movie good.

Mike Pondsmith revealed during his interview with Video Games Chronicle that he’s not sure if his creation could also become a movie soon. But while unsure about getting a film adaptation of his game, Reeves’ involvement in the project makes the movie “more than a possibility.” 

In the last E3 2019, “Cyberpunk 2077” was featured during the Microsoft show. To many fans' surprise, Reeves showed up in the trailer as one of the game’s important characters to its story. A few moments after, the actor himself showed up on stage to introduce more of the story to the fans.

Aside the upcoming game’s story, fans appear to be more excited about seeing Reeves in the game, based on the overwhelming love and adoration that circled throughout social media. Potentially, Reeves’ popularity could attract some big filmmakers and studios to try their shot at another video game movie.

As of late, Capcom and Blizzard Entertainment have recently put in their shots in the film industry with their game series made into movies. While Capcom is still expecting “Monster Hunter” in 2020, the “Resident Evil” movie series have all scored below 50 percent as seen in Rotten Tomatoes. This could also be said the same to the “Warcraft” movie back in 2016. Even the 90s “Mortal Kombat” movie barely hit 50 percent with its 46 percent score. Movies based from popular video games aren’t doing so well compared to their cousins based from popular comics.

Moreover, the popular video game movies are mostly those that reference video games and not directly based from it. “Ready Player One” scored 72 percent even though it was based from a book rather than a game. Meanwhile, Disney’s “Wreck It Ralph” movies scored 87 percent for its original movie and 88 percent for its sequel.

Meanwhile, most of Reeves’ films he was in this 2019 were mostly successes. “Toy Story 4” scored 98 percent, romantic comedy “Always Be My Maybe” scored 91 percent, and “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum” scored 90 percent. If his upcoming 2020 movie “Bill & Ted Face The Music” and “Cyberpunk 2077” itself proves to be successful, Reeves’ box office consecutive wins could mean encourage producers, and filmmakers to try out seeing the actor in this cyberpunk dystopia on the big screen.