• Focus on completing faction quest objectives in the early game
  • Avoid insuring basic weapons and armor
  • Always be wary when calling an evac ship

Much like “Escape from Tarkov” or “Hunt: Showdown,” “The Cycle” features tense and high-risk combat scenarios that can easily cause the inexperienced or unprepared to lose all of their hard-earned progress. A single mistake is very costly in games like these, so it’s best to come in prepared.

Here are four tips to help new players thrive and survive in the early access version of “The Cycle: Frontier.”

Prioritize vendor quests

Players are free to do whatever they want when they land on Fortuna III’s surface, but beginners should focus on completing quests from the factions aboard the space station.

Not only will doing this make every drop more meaningful, but every completed request will also give a bundle of rewards and improve the player’s standing with the factions themselves.

Leveling up faction reputation will unlock more merchandise from their respective stores, which will ultimately open up more loadout options for future drops.

Weapon Loadouts and Playstyles

Consider what type of playstyle to go for when choosing weapons, as range restrictions and the overall TTK of guns in “The Cycle” are rather strict.

SMGs, pistols and shotguns are great for players who like to rush in, while rifles are better for long-range snipers. Assault rifles sit in the middle of the pack and offer the most versatility.

Consider how each weapon performs too, as their stats and performance can vary per model.

Mind the noise

Always be wary when opening fire as loud gunshots can echo across a surprisingly large area. This will alert other prospectors of the player’s location, which can lead to some unfavorable engagements.

With that in mind, only engage hostiles when necessary or when fights are guaranteed to end relatively quickly. Avoid shooting at targets from long ranges, and try not to light up the local wildlife unless it’s absolutely unavoidable.

How to evacuate

Evac ships have very little cover, and this can leave players exposed to incoming fire. Instead of rushing to the ship as soon as it lands, wait for a bit to see if there are any hostiles in the area.

Only enter the ship once it is ready to leave. This will minimize the time players are exposed in the boarding bay and maximize the odds of getting out unscathed.

The Cycle Frontier is a high-risk FPS game that puts the player's entire inventory on the line
The Cycle Frontier is a high-risk FPS game that puts the player's entire inventory on the line YAGER