White House pushes policies to spur manufacturing

The United States must improve the business climate for manufacturers and not place undue regulatory burdens on the sector, the White House said on Wednesday ahead of a meeting focused on the industry. Read Full Article here.

Rate views rattle markets before Fed

Shifting views on interest rates in 2010 whipsawed markets on Wednesday, with the Australian dollar tumbling as investors scaled back their bets on aggressive rate hikes, while U.S. Treasuries rose before the last Federal Reserve meeting this year. Read Full Article here.

U.S. forgoes billions in tax on Citi: report

The U.S. government quietly agreed not to collect billions of dollars in potential taxes from Citigroup Inc as part of its deal to allow the bank to repay its taxpayer bailout, The Washington Post reported. Read Full Article here.

No sweat for FedEx on busiest day of the year

On December 14, FedEx Corp's busiest day this year, when the shipper handled almost double its normal number of packages, the entire system stretched to accommodate the global gift-giving frenzy that culminates nearly two weeks later around Christmas. Read Full Article here.

EU accepts Microsoft browser offer, no fine

EU antitrust regulators accepted on Wednesday Microsoft's offer to allow users in Europe choose rival Internet browsers, ending a decade-long dispute and averting a possible fine for the company. Read Full Article here.

Dubai's $10 billion cash came through bond sale

Abu Dhabi's $10 billion financial aid to fellow United Arab Emirates member Dubai to meet debt obligations was in the form of bonds, on similar terms to a $10 billion bond issue to the UAE central bank in February. Read Full Article here.

FCC order would be big sports win for Verizon, AT&T

Regulators were poised to open up the U.S. cable market to more competitors by closing a cable loophole blocking access to some sports programs to competitors, a source familiar with the issue said on Tuesday. Read Full Article here.

Philips sees pick-up in consumer electronics sales

Dutch Philips Electronics signaled a continued pick-up in the consumer electronics market, saying it expected fourth-quarter sales of about 2.8 billion euros ($4.1 billion) at its Consumer Lifestyle unit. Read Full Article here.