The Ewing family was reeling from the death of Drew Ramos in Season 3 Episode 10 of "Dallas." TNT

How about that last minute hookup? “Dallas” was back in action Monday night with Season 3 Episode 10, “Dead Reckoning,” and things got interesting. With the family returning to the ruins of Southfork, finally out of the hospital, secrets started to fly.

The episode was centered around the discovery of Drew Ramos’s body, which the police and family believe killed himself. Everybody, that is, except Carmen, who is sure her son would never have gone through with suicide.

Meanwhile, tensions aren’t dying down between the Ewing couples. It took Drew Ramos’s death for Bobby to allow Anne to make a stop back home and, back in the hospital, Pamela rejected John Ross once more, this time seeming to convince him that the marriage is over. However, after some counseling from John Ross’s mother (awkward) she vows to stay in the marriage to not let John Ross win and take her shares of the company.

The biggest shockwaves through the family were caused by the revelation that Drew Ramos started the fire at Southfork. The police found traces of rocket fuel on his body that were also found in the burnt house. The reveal lets Sue Ellen off the hook, but was a devastating blow to Carmen and Elena. Elena now seems to be in total revenge mode now, letting Carmen in on her plan for justice, who tells her about a letter in John Ross’s possession that could be secret to their plan. But how will they get the letter from him?

Cue the big surprise of the night. A depressed and somber John Ross and an on-a-mission Elena led to maybe the most shocking hookup of the season (well, except that threesome). After hearing out John Ross’s troubles with Pamela, feigning sympathy, and tossing back a few drinks, Elena ends up in bed with John Ross, only to get up after to take the letter from his wallet. The hookup and that letter are sure to have repercussions throughout the family, but fans will have to wait until next week to find out.

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