"Community" showrunner Dan Harmon was unceremoniously fired from the cult comedy by NBC in May. It caused a fan backlash against the network, with many vocal fans irate that their favorite comedic voice was being silenced. While fans might not be able to see his influence on "Community" any more, TV Guide is reporting that Harmon is working to develop a new comedy for Fox. Details are sketchy, but Harmon seems close to signing a deal that would see him develop a new, multi-camera comedy for the network.

The move comes as a part of Fox's long-term plan to incorporate more comedy into its schedule.

A multi-camera sitcom may come as a surprise to fans of "Community," which was shot in a more cinematic, single-camera style. Because "Community" was often aired opposite the highly successful multi-camera show "The Big Bang Theory," many fans of the series derided its competitor for a supposedly outdated aesthetic.

It seems "Community" may be doing just fine without Harmon. The series was nominated for its first Emmy, for the season 3 episode "Remedial Chaos Theory." At the same time, Harmon is also working with Justin Roiland to produce an animated pilot for Adult Swim under the title "Rick & Morty."

If the deal goes through, this won't be the first time Harmon has submitted a pilot to Fox. In 1999, Harmon and his writing partner Rob Schrab wrote and produced the brilliantly surreal "Heat Vision and Jack" for the network. "Heat Vision and Jack" stared Jack Black as super-intelligent former astronaut Jack Austin and Owen Wilson as the voice of Jack's motorcycle, Heat Vision. Ben Stiller directed the pilot.

The pilot for "Heat Vision and Jack" was produced, but Fox passed on picking up the series for a full season. The show has since become a cult classic online.

In the absence of any other news about the Harmon production, watch the pilot for "Heat Vision and Jack" below.