Abby Lee Miller is in the middle of her fraud court case but that doesn’t mean she’s any less concerned about her Lifetime reality series “Dance Moms.” The ALDC coach recently took to Instagram to rant about the series’ network for airing more mom drama over her student’s dances.

Abby revealed on the social site that Lifetime did not air Kendall Vertes’ solo “Dead on Arrival” during Tuesday’s Season 7 installment despite it being “gory good.”

“Lifetime didn’t air it! #dumb. Who would like to see less fighting and more dancing?” Abby captioned a shot of Kendall wearing a bloodied leotard. Abby went on to describe the number, saying it started with Kendall laying inside of a morgue before telling the story of how she died. 

Kendall’s mother and co-star, Jill Vertes, has also since expressed her upset about her 14-year-old daughter’s solo being cut from the show. “So sad that they didn’t show [Kendall’s] solo dead on arrival, it was fabulous,” Jill tweeted Tuesday. “Dance Moms” star Kira Girard also added her own two cents on the situation.

Abby continued her rant about episode 8 in a separate Instagram post, revealing that the installment’s equally morbid group number, “Six Feet Underneath,” which showed the girls acting as grave diggers, was an idea she’s had for years but was only allowed to choreograph in Season 7.

“You get to see a number I’ve been trying to do for years! My inspiration was the incredible TV show ‘Six Feet Under.’ I guess I had to wait until they found a new mom that happened to be an undertaker!,” Abby said, referring to newcomer Maesi Caes and her mother Jamie, who works as a mortician.

Lifetime has since released Kendall’s unaired solo, titled “D.O.A.,” which you can watch above. The number is said to have placed first in the teen division and fourth overall at Fierce National Dance Competition in Phoenix on October.

“Dance Moms” Season 7 continues next week with episode 9. Abby will introduce a new elite member in “Battle of the Blondes” to perform directly alongside her star Brynn Rumfallo. Catch the episode Tuesday, Jan. 24, at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime.