derek julianne hough
Derek Hough (L) defended his sister Julianne Hough (R) against Amber Rose's claim that she was "body shamed" by the "Dancing With the Stars" judge. Pictured: Dancers Derek Hough and Julianne Hough attend the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Governors Ball at Microsoft Theater on Sept. 18 in Los Angeles, Calif. Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

“Dancing With the Stars” pro Derek Hough won’t let anyone slander his sister Julianne Hough’s good name. The 31-year-old dancer recently came in defense of Julianne after Amber Rose claimed that the “DWTS” judge “body-shamed” her during a recent episode of the ABC dancing competition.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Derek said that Julianne has been nothing but kind to the people she works with and that Amber Rose may have just misunderstood her words. ”I think we all know Julianne and she is a huge advocate for being kind,” he told the publication at the Motion Picture Television Fund’s “Night Under the Stars” event in Los Angeles on Saturday, Oct. 1.

During her “Loveline” podcast last week, Rose claimed that she felt Julianne body shamed her when the 28-year-old judge said she felt “uncomfortable” about a dance move during Rose’s performance with Maks Chmerkovskiy on the Monday, Sept. 26 episode of “Dancing With the Stars” Season 23.

“All the beautiful professional dancers that are on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ I mean, they dress very sexy and they do the splits and they grind up on these guys and they look absolutely stunning and get a standing ovation. And me, and my body, my hips, my a--, my breasts made her uncomfortable,” Rose said.

Derek added that he understood where Amber Rose was coming from, explaining, “You get your feelings hurt when you're on the show. I understand she felt bummed out.”

Despite this, he hopes Amber Rose and everyone else understand that it was never Julianne’s intention to judge people by their body shape and size. “But to say [Julianne] was [body shaming] is definitely just false. Julianne's the complete opposite of that, and she stands for everything that's [the opposite of] body shaming,” he insisted.

Although the dancer doesn’t know if his sister and Rose have had a chance to talk and clear the air between them yet, Derek is confident that Julianne will reach out to the model as soon as she can. “Knowing [Julianne], as soon as she's in town, she'll go right up to Amber and she'll be like, ‘Listen, I hope you know what I mean. Let's hug it out,’” he told ET.

Meanwhile, on Friday, Sept. 30, Julianne issued a statement in response to Rose’s comments. She explained that her remarks during Monday's episode were “solely reacting to the quality of the dance I was judging.”

“I have been a strong proponent of female empowerment and an anti-bullying advocate for years and I take that very seriously. Any kind of body shaming is the furthest thing from who I am and what I stand for,” she continued.