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Danielle Bregoli, who famously said, "Cash me outside, how bow dah?," is seen in this undated photo from Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil

A video that depicted a violent fight between infamous “Cash Me Outside” girl Danielle Bregoli and her mother was released Wednesday morning and posted to video portal World Star Hip Hop.

The graphic video allegedly depicts the fight that resulted in police coming to the Bregoli’s home in Boynton Beach, Florida, earlier this month, as reported by TMZ. The fight was reportedly a result of Barbara Bregoli kicking Danielle’s 17-year-old friend out of the house.

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When police arrived, the former “Dr. Phil” guest Danielle was cursing and yelling at her mother.

The fight was evidently just one in a number of times police have come to the mother and daughter’s home. Last month, TMZ revealed that police had been called to the house 51 times. The calls included 10 domestic incidents and seven verbal threats.

Taken by a witness and then recorded on another phone, the new video showed Barbara Bregoli grabbed her 13-year-old daughter and viral sensation and forcing her down to the ground and yelling “You’re so fucking tough?” and calling her daughter a “bitch” several times.

The clip then cuts to a screaming match, during which Barbara yelled “give it to me bitch,” perhaps referencing the phone to Danielle’s ear.

Laughing could be heard in between the two clips, but who was laughing is unclear.

Last year, Bregoli became an internet star following her appearance on “Dr. Phil” when she coined the phrase “Cash Me Outside, How Bout Dat?” while addressing the live audience's boos.

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Bregoli later attended a boot camp and appeared to change her old ways, which included stealing a car, when she was last on “Dr. Phil” Feb. 10. During the episode, Bregoli first claimed the show “was nothing” before she appeared, but then thanked the host for helping her.

However, it also showed Barbara Bregoli had made specific demands to the program’s producers if they wanted her daughter to re-appear.