cash me outside dr phil danielle ann
Danielle Bregoli, who famously said, "Cash me outside, how bow dah?," is seen in this undated photo from Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil

Social media and “Dr. Phil” guest Danielle Bregoli, better known as the “Cash Me Outside” girl, has certainly found ways to cash in on her fame. She recently started a merchandise line that features her signature catch phrase on t-shirts, hoodies and even blankets.

Now, it looks like the 13-year-old is attempting to dominate Apple’s App Store.

So far, there have been about five iPhone, or iOS, games featuring Bregoli. Two of them are actually fun games to play, according to Daily Dot’s review.

The two games The Dot recommended, fittingly, were “Cash me outside” and “Cash Me Outside How Bout Dat?” The reviews stressed that both were traditional side-scroll games that have users run and jump with Bregoli through various obstacles.

The Dot compared “Cash me outside” to Nintendo’s recent hit “Super Mario Run.” In Bregoli’s game, her catch phrase plays over as “she must college gems and try not to die.” The game, free to download, can cost users $2.99 to remove the ads and another $9.99 to unlock all of the levels.

The second, “Cash Me Outside How Bout Dat?” received a stronger review for its gameplay. Bregoli must jump and jump to avoid “obstacles from spikes to cops” as she navigates spinning wheels.

To be fair, the games seemed to somewhat reflect some of the more hectic portions of Bregoli’s life. Bregoli and her mother, Barbara Ann, were reportedly kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight Monday at Los Angeles International Airport after fighting with another female passenger, TMZ reported.

All three were banned for life by the airline. The incident was recorded on video by another passenger. Bregoli told TMZ she punched the woman because she put her hands on her mother’s throat and then “cold-cocked” her in defense.

People reported last week that Bregoli was supposed to return to the “Dr. Phil” set but no date for the new appearance has been announced yet.