• Louise Fischer, 26, had sex with her interviewee for a report on live radio
  • The Danish journalist said it helped with her report on a swingers club's reopening 
  • Fischer said she received mostly positive responses over the report

A 26-year-old Danish journalist opted to partake in one of a swingers club's intimate activities when she reported on the establishment's reopening on live radio last month.

Louise Fischer of Denmark's Radio4 station had sex with her interviewee during her report on the reopening of the sex club located in the town of Ishøj in the country's Capital Region, local newspaper the Copenhagen Post first reported.

The sub-10-minute report, which was part of a morning program that aired on May 24, contained moans from Fischer and various individuals, as well as what sounded like pieces of meat hitting each other.

Fischer told Danish outlet B.T. that she did not plan to have sex during the report, but she explained she would go through with it if it made sense.

"It is part of my job to give an insight into a world that not everyone has access to," she said.

The journalist said that she spent hours with the guests of the Swingland swingers club despite the short report, noting that they talked over wine at a bar before moving to a large bed.

"It's a big bed in the middle of a room, they invite me up in. They want to show me what to do in a swinger club, then they start touching my body," she said.

"I don't have a boyfriend, that definitely made it a lot easier," Fischer told German newspaper Bild. "My mother just thinks it's funny and laughs, my father thought it was really cool."

She said the act helped loosen up the guests for the interview because they were initially reluctant when they saw her microphone, as per B.T.

"It was cool that I somehow created trust by being a part of their world," Fischer said.

Tina Kragelund, Radio4's head of news and current affairs, said she and the rest of the editorial board supported Fischer's decision to have sex during her interview.

"Louise made the choice herself and she did nothing illegal or wrong during the report. And yes, we approved it before it was published. I feel like I just think it's cool when the reporters try to make the stories in a different way," she said.

Fischer said she has received mostly positive responses on the report from social media.

"People have written things to me like ‘great respect’, ‘brave’ and ‘good journalism’ on Instagram and Facebook," she was quoted as saying by the Copenhagen Post.

Representation. Journalist Louise Fischer, 26, had sex with her interviewee during a report on the reopening of a swingers' club in Denmark. Pixabay