“Dark Souls III” is reportedly getting a new patch this Friday, and it is expected to fix major issues and problems experienced by players while playing it. Ahead of this week’s update, however, the patch notes have already been released.

The upcoming update is “Dark Souls III” version 1.08, and it introduces the much-needed adjustment to the poise values, according to GearNuke. With the update, poise values or the in-game stats of characters are improved. For example, higher poise values are obtained when an armor is heavier.

FromSoftware, the developer of the game, took to Facebook to announce the imminent arrival of the version 1.08 update and also mentioned that the poise values have been adjusted across the board.

Another improvement that this upcoming patch brings is on the neck swipe weapon skill animation, specifically for scythe-category weapons. It also comes with a lot of fixes for multiple bugs such as the one that causes the use of Pickaxe to consume stamina multiple times per attack.

FormSoftware’s post on the official “Dark Souls” Facebook page comes with the full patch notes of the new update, and it is revealed there that the update improves regular attack animations of hammer, greatsword, axe and fist category weapons. To read the full patch notes, click here.

The new patch for “Dark Souls III” is arriving this Friday, Oct. 21, which is just days before the “Ashes of Ariandel” expansion is launched on Oct. 25. According to GameSpot, “Ashes of Ariandel” is the first of the two DLC expansions planned for the title and it is going to arrive on the PS4, Xbox One and PC for only $15.

A new trailer for “Ashes of Ariandel” was released recently to tease players on what they can expect to see in the first DLC. Meanwhile, the second DLC is reportedly scheduled for release in early 2017.