Latest news and updates about the Nintendo NX claim that the mysterious console could be unveiled to the public this week, specifically this Friday, Oct. 21. And there’s more, there’ll be amiibo giveaways leading to the big reveal.

According to Express, the reveal date for the Nintendo NX has not been confirmed by the Japanese video game company, but it is going to be officially unveiled in the coming days. The site also reports that fans can expect the big announcement to happen on Oct. 21, since initial reports have claimed that Nintendo is making the revelation during its Nintendo Direct event, which is rumored to happen on the same date that the first ever online presentation took place on Oct. 21, 2011.

Express says that even global investment banking and diversified financial services group Macquarie Group also believes that the big announcement is going to happen this Friday. Then, the demo units of the console are expected to be available in February of next year — a month before the March release of the Nintendo NX.

PVPLive has learned that in the days leading to the Nintendo NX announcement, daily amiibo giveaways will be provided to fans. The site got this information from Vooks, Australia’s Nintendo community. Apparently, Vooks took to Twitter to reveal that it is indeed giving away amiibo figures. PVPLive maintains that the community wouldn’t be rolling out amiibo giveaways if Nintendo is unlikely to unveil the product without a defined end-date.

Meanwhile, aside from the rumored unveiling of the NX, there is also word that “Beyond Good and Evil 2” is one of the NX-exclusive titles. The semi-reboot, which has the working title of “Beyond Good and Evil: The Prejudices of Philosophers,” is most likely going to be released in Summer 2018, according to NintendoLife. If the game is indeed an NX-exclusive, it is joining the new “Super Mario” title, which has been leaked to launch alongside the mysterious console.

As for pricing of the Nintendo NX, it is rumored to sell for $299 and that a bundle version is going to cost $100 more. However, Macquarie Group is anticipating that the retail price for the NX could range from $300 through $350.