• "Darksiders 3" will receive a Nintendo Switch port next month
  • The Switch port will include both DLC packs for the game
  • "Darksiders 3" received mostly positive reviews for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

THQ Nordic announced that the third game of the classic “Darksiders” franchise will soon be available for the Nintendo Switch.

“Darksiders 3” was originally launched for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One consoles back in 2018. The game will be ported and released for the Nintendo Switch this coming Sept. 30, according to Nintendo Life, and interested Switch owners will be able to buy its digital edition from the Nintendo Store or get a physical copy from select video game retailers.

The physical and digital editions will include both of the game’s expansions: “Keepers Of The Void,” which is a story-driven adventure with an emphasis on puzzles, and “The Crucible,” a wave-based horde mode.

Darksiders 3 features a more measured version of the series' signature style of action-combat
Darksiders 3 features a more measured version of the series' signature style of action-combat THQ Nordic

As the third game in the series, “Darksiders 3” offered a fresh new perspective on the ongoing biblical apocalypse and the web of intrigue that caused it all. Players will experience the game as Fury, the third horseman of the apocalypse, as she hunts down the demonic manifestations of the seven deadly sins on a devasted Earth.

The game retains much of the Metroidvania-style exploration and progression system as seen in the previous series entries, but the combat was refreshed and reimagined, now emphasizing intense back-and-forth trading of blows against single targets instead of fighting off large groups at a time.

“Darksiders 3” received mixed reviews that are slightly skewed toward the positive end of the spectrum. The game’s combat was praised for its pace, responsiveness and visceral feel, but it was criticized for being too simplistic and unchallenging. It was also criticized for its meager RPG mechanics, rudimentary puzzles and technical issues for both PC and consoles.

Some critics noted that while “Darksiders 3” isn’t a bad game, it definitely didn’t move the franchise forward in a favorable direction.

The game never received a fully-fledged sequel, but a spin-off title called “Darksiders Genesis” was released for the PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia.

“Darksiders Genesis” replaced the traditional third-person view with a top-down camera and twin-stick shooter controls. The game featured the fourth horseman, Strife, as a playable character alongside War, the protagonist of the first “Darksiders” game.