DASH Dolls
The stars of the latest Kardashian spin-off show "DASH Dolls' have been bringing in a lot of drama inside the Kardashian sisters' store. E! Online

It’s the season finale of “DASH Dolls” on E!. The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” spin-off reaches the end of its first season, and it’s also the end of the line for one of the Dolls. Melody is no longer able to fulfill her responsibilities at the store and she suffers the consequences. Meanwhile, relationships end, while others become stronger.

Melody has been enjoying a boost in her modeling career. She has been doing it on the side, but recently the upswing in her career has been making it difficult for her to juggle her responsibilities. The other DASH Dolls are usually willing to cover for her because they all support each other’s side projects, but they have been unable to pick up the slack anymore.

Unfortunately, when they modeling jobs became more frequent, Khadija was forced to cover for her. Because Khloe Kardashian had warned her before, Khadija and Malika felt like they needed to mention what was happening to the Kardashian girls.

In the end, Khloe makes the executive decision to fire Melody. Khadija is hesitant but she knows that she and her sister need to do what’s best for the store and the other employees. They tell Melody that she's lost her job and everyone gets emotional. She accepts her last cheque and goes home to the Doll House. She tells the other girls about what happened, and everyone breaks down in tears.

Elsewhere, it’s also the end of the line for Stephanie’s relationship with Colin. He finally gets out of jail and the pair reunite. Unfortunately, Stephanie finds out that he’s using drugs again. She goes berserk and freaks out.

In an attempt to save Colin and their relationship, she takes Colin to her therapist. Later, Caroline and her boyfriend Ronnie, help stage an intervention. They introduce Colin to Garret, a friend who runs an outpatient rehab program.

Colin is obviously uncomfortable during the introduction. When Stephanie takes him to his first session, he goes with her but is clearly just pacifying her. When the questions get too probing, he decides to walk out. He leaves Stephanie at the rehab center and she finally realizes that his drugs are more important to him than their relationship. She finally calls it quits and decides to dump him.

While everything else is falling apart, things between Durrani and her boyfriend Shalom, also hit a major crossroad. Durrani’s brother, Abdullah, comes to pay her a visit. She decides to tell him about Shalom and he completely freaks out when he learns that she’s dating a Jewish man.

Durrani insists that she loves Shalom and asks her brother to consider meeting him at least. Abdullah reluctantly agrees. He comes face to face with Shalom and he tells the couple that they should know the consequences of their actions. He reminds Durrani of her strict Muslim upbringing but Durrani insists that she wants to stick it out with her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Shalom also tells her brother that he’s serious about her, and he doesn’t want them to waste each other’s time. Abdullah tells their parents about the situation and they immediately cut off Durrani. They stop talking to her and she’s devastated.

Shalom decides to get everything sorted once and for all. He sits down with Durrani for a serious conversation. He asks her about her real plans for the future and Durrani tells him that should they get married, she is willing to convert to Judaism for him. Shalom is overjoyed, and the tense situation results in a much stronger relationship between the two.

“DASH Dolls” is spin-off series featuring the employees of DASH, the fashion retail chain owned by the Kardashian sisters.