Fans of NBC's "Dateline" will have a new way to investigate true-crime cases thanks to a newly-announced podcast called "Motive for Murder." Hosted by NBC correspondent Josh Mankiewicz, the six-episode series will follow a case that was previously covered by the network in 2019.

The new episodes of "Motive for Murder" will examine two murders that took place two months apart in Houston. While it is understood that the two victims knew each other, some have subsequently wondered if they also knew their killer. Throughout the series, Mankiewicz will investigate a case that is one of the most "twisted and confounding cases" ever covered on the NBC show.

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In a preview of the new true-crime podcast, the NBC host stated that since they have become accustomed to spending months or years on a story, they've acquired quite a bit of knowledge. Therefore, he said, they had decided to share a few of their findings throughout the new project, including what a homicide detective says are the three motives for murder.

Leading up to the new episodes, the "Dateline" host shared that they will take a look at how those motives, love, money, and pride, played into the events that transpired.

In the preview, someone close to the case speaks about what makes the case so unusual.

"It's one thing if two people are murdered at one point, and then it's another that one person is murdered and then 10 months later somebody else is murdered," they stated.

The new "Dateline" podcast is the third time that NBC has ventured into the realm of audio storytelling. Previous efforts included "13 Alibies," which debuted in May 2019, and "The Thing About Pam," which debuted its first episode on Sept. 18, 2019. "The Thing About Pam," which was hosted by NBC personality Keith Morrison, eventually hit #1 on Apple's charts following its premiere.

Those who are interested in exploring the six new episodes can start following along when the first two are released on May 7. One new episode will then premiere every Thursday for the next four weeks, as reported by Deadline.

"Motive for Murder" can be found on Apple, Spotify, and Stitcher.

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