david bowie movies
David Bowie, pictured performing during a concert in La Courneuve, France, July 3, 1987, is famous for his role in the 1980s film “Labyrinth.” Getty

David Bowie was best known for his hit songs, but he wasn’t just a musician, singer and songwriter. During his career spanning almost five decades, Bowie starred in dozens of films, but it was his part in Jim Henson’s 1986 action-adventure movie “Labyrinth” that may be his most popular. After the death of the performer Sunday, fans of Bowie and his role as Jareth the Goblin King might want to re-watch the classic.

In “Labyrinth,” Bowie as Jareth sends a teenage girl, Sarah (Jennifer Connelly), on a mission to solve his labyrinth and rescue her younger brother after wishing him away. If she can’t solve the labyrinth, she is told, her sibling will be turned into a goblin. The PG-rated film was nominated for several awards, most notably for best special visual effects by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, according to IMDb.

Bowie, who died at the age of 69 Sunday following a lengthy battle with cancer, not only starred in the children’s movie but also created several songs for its soundtrack. Some of the most popular singles on the soundtrack album include “As The World Falls Down,” “Within You” and “Magic Dance.” Fans can watch the “Labyrinth” scene with the latter song below:

Anybody looking to pay tribute to Bowie by taking in his performance can watch “Labyrinth” via online resources several different ways. While it doesn’t appear the film is available to stream on Netflix, DVD rental subscribers can request the movie be delivered. If you’re looking to watch the film as soon as possible, consider renting or buying a digital version of the flick at Amazon.com. A high-definition version of the movie rents for $3.99 and sells for $12.99. “Labyrinth" is currently unavailable through Amazon Prime. Fans who want to know the behind-the-scenes details of the classic can find a documentary, starring Bowie, available for free on YouTube.

Before watching the film, check out the following Sony Pictures’ trailer, which labels Bowie as “one of the most innovative forces in modern entertainment”: