Duncan Jones
David Bowie's son, Duncan Jones, photographed during Comic-Con 2015 in San Diego, announced on Thursday that he and his wife are expecting their first child together. Getty Images

One month after his father David Bowie's passing, Duncan Jones is embracing the "circle of life." The producer's wife, Rodene Ronquillo, is pregnant with their first child. Jones, 44, took to Twitter to share the pregnancy announcement that he crafted for his father before Christmas.

Jones tweeted a photo of the card just one month after of Bowie's death. As was reported by Us Weekly, he announced to followers that he and Ronquillo will be welcoming a child in June, noting that this is a prime example of the "circle of life." Jones also sent love to the music legend, calling him "granddad." The card shows a cartoon fetus in the womb saying, "I'm waiting."

Jones' baby news comes just weeks after the "Space Oddity" singer's fortune was split among himself, his sister Alexandria Jones and stepmother Iman Abdulmajid, the former model. Bowie's assets totaled $100 million, half of which was left to Abdulmajid, according to the BBC. Bowie also left his Manhattan apartment to his widow. Duncan and Alexandria were each awarded 25 percent of the musician's financial assets. Also, $2 million was left to Bowie's longtime personal assistant Corinne Schwab, along with shares of Opossum Inc. Bowie left an additional $1 million to Marion Skene, who was once Duncan's nanny.

Bowie's family, along with a select few friends, were among the only people who knew about his cancer diagnosis. On Jan. 27, People magazine reported that music producer Tony Visconti, who worked with Bowie on his final album, "Blackstar," was told about the illness in January 2015. In an interview with British music publication Mojo, Visconti said Bowie arranged a secret meeting. After arriving at the assigned location, Bowie removed his hat to reveal that all his hair was gone and, according to Visconti, his life was forever changed. He told Mojo it has "been hard to live with" the fact that he knew all along that Bowie was dying.