Monkees singer Davy Jones was living a happy life with his 33-year-old wife Jessica Pacheco before he died on Wednesday of a heart attack near his home in Florida. Jones was 66-years-old.

He seemed fantastic, radio host Paul Carafotes told ABC News. Carafotes interviewed Jones in Burbank, Calif., in early February. He was in great spirits, he was charming, upbeat, he was a lovely, personable guy.

Davy Jones had recently begun a new chapter in his life with young wife Jessica Pacheco. The couple lived together in Hollywood, Fla. Pacheco appeared in popular TV soap operas and has most recently been dedicating her time to her dance group, Flamenco Express. She also danced in The Monkees' 2011 reunion tour.

Before the tour, Jones gushed to England's The Daily Post about his young bride. I'm doing great, he said. I'm doing exactly what I want to do, I'm still riding my horses, I've got beautiful kids and I'm with my lovely wife.

The two met in 2006 after both had been cast in a children's theater production of Cinderella, reported ABC News. Despite the 33-year age difference, they fell in love and married in 2009.

Jessica Pacheco is Jones' third wife. He had four daughters from two previous marriages. Two of Pacheco's stepdaughters are older than she is.

Jessie doesn't mind, Davy Jones told The Daily Mail in May 2011. She regards all of them more as the sisters she never had. 

But did his daughters mind? Rumors spread in 2009 that his daughters boycotted the wedding. According to Jones, his four daughters were all wary of his relationship with Jessica Pacheco. First, she was half my age, and second, or so they've since said, they didn't want me to get hurt any more.

Don't let the truth get in the way of the news, he said in October 2009, according to the Palm Beach Post. Our wedding was full of love -- with friends of mine there who I've known for 40 years.

Jones was never worried about the age difference. Not in the least, he told The Daily Mail. We have love. We have friendship. She's also aware of what I've done in music, and the fact that I no longer really need to prove anything. Jones had even joked about their drastic age difference. She turned to me one day and said, 'Let's run upstairs and make love.' I looked at her. 'At my age,' I said, 'it's going to have to be one or the other,' he told the news publication.  

However, over the years, there had been reports of domestic violence between Jones and Pacheco. The Monkees singer vehemently denied the accusations.

Verbally, yes, sometimes we do, he admitted in 2011. But then, isn't that true of every relationship? There was the time we had a screaming match, she walked out - slamming the front door - and went to stay the night with her parents.

While dating Jones, Jessica Pacheco had been seen by Florida locals with two black eyes and a cut on her face. This caused tabloids to print up articles of possible domestic violence in the relationship. Jones had also been seen with a black eye around the same time.

The 66-year-old explained the events to The Daily Mail, brushing off any accusations of abuse. Jessica had recently been on the beach and had forgotten to take her sunglasses. You know how strong the sun is here - it made it look the next day as though the area around her eyes was bruised. Then she was applying shadow to her eyelid and her fingernail nicked the skin, he said.

At the time, he claimed that his black eye was the result of absent-mindedly walking into a lamppost.

After the marriage, Davy Jones and Jessica Pacheco's love was reportedly accepted by Jones' family. The girls have seen me and Jessie together. They know how much we mean to each other. We're inseparable.