Angelica on "Days of Our Lives"
Angelica (Morgan Fairchild) has an unholy alliance with someone unexpected on the July 19, 2017 episode of “Days of Our Lives.” NBC

She tried to find a way to get petty revenge on Adrienne for a past discretion from years back and didn’t immediately succeed. But now, Angelica will show she’s not giving up as she meets up with her unexpected ally on the Wednesday, July 19 episode of “Days of Our Lives.”

In an attempt to get revenge about Alexander, whom Adrienne (Judi Evans) partially raised as his stepmother, Angelica (Morgan Fairchild) set her sights on taking away The Spectator, the newspaper that Adrienne partially owned and ran with Jen (Melissa Reeves). However, thanks to some behind-the-scenes maneuvering by Justin (Wally Kurth), Adrienne and Jen were able to rescue the paper and keep it from Angelica’s clutches on the NBC soap, through a loan that allows them to hold on to it. However, the defeat isn’t something Angelica is taking lightly.

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Angelica wants revenge because her son had moved to Dubai and seemed to disappear from her life entirely after doing so, and she blames Adrienne for that since she was the female influence in his life for a while. After learning about the loan that allowed her and Jen to keep their business afloat, Adrienne warned them the battle wasn’t over and she wasn’t done with them yet, She then went off to meet with someone—someone who appeared to be Marlena (Deirdre Evans), and who seemed to be Angelica’s accomplice who also wants to create some trouble.

It would seem unlikely that Marlena would want to cause trouble for Jen and Adrienne however, since she’s never shown a reason to have ill will towards them before, and certainly wouldn’t want to take the newspaper from them. However, someone else could have a strange reason to want to go after them, or at the very least, cause some mischief and do something to help herself. And that someone, who looks suspiciously like Marlena, is Hattie Adams (also played by Deirdre Evans).

Though Hattie may not have some actual reason to go after Jennifer and Adrienne and their paper specifically, she could still be Angelica’s accomplice for another reason. When Hattie ran into Hope (Kristian Alfonso) in prison, she revealed she was supposed to get money from Stefano ages ago to restore her face to the one she had originally, so she would no longer look like Marlena. However, she never got the money, and later got caught up in a scheme with Andre (Thaao Penghlis) that got her locked away in jail. Hope managed to get her exonerated and freed, but life on the outside may have been less than easy for Hattie to acclimate to again. Still looking like Marlena, and still with no money to her name, she may have decided to go after a company in Salem that was known to be struggling financially, in the hopes it would eventually be sold off. By partnering with Angelica, who has the funds and can easily buy the Spectator should it be put up for sale, she may have felt it was her best shot at getting the money she needs to get on with her life.

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However, there could be other reasons as well for the unlikely and surprising alliance—or in an unexpected twist, neither Marlena nor Hattie could be partnered up with Angelica at all, and the true person who is working with them will be even more unexpected.

“Days of Our Lives” airs weekdays on NBC.