"Days of Our Lives"
Brady (Eric Martsolf, not pictured) finds unexpected evidence against Eric (Greg Vaughan) on the Aug. 14, 2017 episode of “Days of Our Lives.” NBC

He is convinced his brother and girlfriend are having an affair behind his back and wants proof so he can confront them about it. However, as he ransacks Eric’s hotel room on the Monday, Aug. 14 episode of “Days of Our Lives,” Brady will make an unexpected discovery of a different kind.

Brady (Eric Martsolf) has been convinced something more has been going on between Eric (Greg Vaughan) and Nicole (Arianne Zucker) ever since they told him about the kiss they shared the night of the Marton House party and Deimos’ (Vincent Irizarry) murder. After also overhearing cryptic conversations the two have shared and witnessing moments that seemed less than innocent on the NBC soap, Brady became convinced that a full-blown affair was happening.

The latest incident which fueled his suspicions involved overhearing Nicole and Eric’s conversation about how she can still be present in her daughter Holly’s life, even though she is currently with a foster mother. All Brady heard however was Nicole mentioning a secret, and it was enough to send him to the bar, where he regrettably fell off the wagon and began drinking again because he was furious over the presumed affair. Lucas (Bryan Datillo) was also there and had fallen off the wagon as well after being dumped by Adrienne/Bonnie (Judi Evans), and as the two men drowned their sorrows, Lucas suggested evidence of the affair would be on Eric’s camera, which Brady should find so he could properly confront the two.

Brady has since headed to Eric’s room to look for the camera, but as he ransacks the room, he will turn up something else instead. Brady found the Ramses amulet, the cursed one Deimos had been after when he drugged everyone at the party, in an effort to get it from Sonny (Freddie Smith). Deimos had managed to get it from Sonny when they struggled, but it wasn’t on him any longer after his dead body was discovered. Now, it is in Eric’s room, which makes for incredibly strong evidence that he may have been the one to murder Deimos—and is now trying to cover it up.

Since Deimos’ murder, JJ (Casey Moss) became an early suspect, though he was since cleared. Sonny has been in jail after not only confessing to the crime because he believes he committed it, but was also identified as the killer by the party’s caterer. He has since been joined in a cell by Chad (Billy Flynn), who also confessed because of the photo Dario (Jordi Villasousa) had previously been in possession of which seemed to show him leaning over Deimos’ body with his hands on the knife that killed him.

Now, with the amulet in Eric’s room, Brady potentially has the kind of evidence that could blow the case open completely, and it could also be a satisfying way for him to handle the affair he believes is happening as well. If he turns the amulet in, he can get his brother, who already served time after causing the car accident that killed Daniel, locked up. Now, Brady will have to decide what action to take, because his options seem unlimited for payback.

“Days of Our Lives” airs weekdays on NBC.