She was the love of Tony’s life and had been mourning him since his death. But as Anna returns to Salem—the same town her dead husband has returned to, it could spell big trouble for the woman who has recently married him for a major scheme on the Thursday, August 8 episode of “Days of Our Lives.”

Anna (Leann Hunley) had notably mourned Tony (Thaao Penghlis) for years after his death, even carrying an urn with his alleged ashes around when she came back to Salem more than a year ago on the NBC soap. However, now that he is back in town, alive, if she gets wind of the news, it could be what propels her to also return to Salem once again.

“Anna DiMera returns,” spoilers reveal.

Her coming back will be a big deal for Tony most likely since he still also loves her, but there is a new complication that is standing in their way, thanks to his sister, Kristen (Stacy Haiduk), who convinced him to marry her while she’s been disguising herself as Nicole (Arianne Zucker), in her bid to get control of the family company. He initially refused to go along with the plan because of his desire to reunite with his former widow but was later convinced to go along with the plot. Now, if he sees Anna again, he may feel torn about what he wants and needs to do with his life.

Meanwhile, Kristen has finally succeeded with the other part of her plot she’s been working on since returning to Salem, which was seducing Brady (Eric Martsolf). After he continued to resist “Nicole,” he finally gave in to her and the two slept together.

Now, Kristen is wondering if she can finally come clean to him because she wants him to know he’s really with her. However, she will also be forced to wonder if it’s the right move as well, since the last time they were together he had been trying to use her in an attempt to find out if she was lying to Sami (Allison Sweeney) about EJ being alive.

“Kristen debates revealing her true identity to Brady,” spoilers state.

However, she will likely realize she can’t tell him the truth, at least not yet, and if she learns that Anna is around, she will need to turn her attention elsewhere since the other woman likely won’t stop sniffing around her, trying to determine why she married Tony-and she will also need to make sure she doesn’t uncover the truth either.

“Days of Our Lives” airs weekdays on NBC.

Days of our Lives Anna (Leann Hunley) returns to Salem on the August 8, 2019 episode of “Days of Our Lives.” She is pictured with Roman (Josh Charles) in a previous episode.  Photo: XJ Johnson/JPI Studios for NBC