Days of Our Lives
Will (Chandler Massey) and Sonny (Freddie Smith) await Will’s test results on the April 9, 2019 episode of “Days of Our Lives.”  XJ Johnson/JPI Studios for NBC

He’s been hospitalized following a strange situation where he passed out at the Kiriakis mansion but has thus far not learned what caused him to suddenly suffer ill health. Now, Will and Sonny will finally learn what is wrong on the Tuesday, April 9 episode of “Days of Our Lives.”

After getting Leo (Greg Rikaart) to finally annul his marriage to Sonny (Freddie Smith), the jilted man warned that he and will (Chandler Massey) would never be happy, and said he had an evil eye that he used on Will. Shortly after on the NBC soap, Will passed out, and he has been hospitalized since. He and Sonny don’t want to believe that the curse is real, but they also can’t think of a legitimate reason for this sudden turn. Now, following a new slate of tests, they may receive answers. However, neither man is likely to enjoy what they hear.

“Will and Sonny await Will’s test results,” spoilers reveal.

Unfortunately, when they get the results, what they hear could be a devastating blow—which is something the pair have been used to ever since Will returned from the presumed dead.

This time though, it could be the worst news they’ve gotten since it won’t be another person standing in the way of their happy reunion. If Will has something serious going on, like a brain tumor, the two may need to prepare themselves for something they never expected.

Of course, even if it is something serious, the question could be something else—like what happened that allowed the tumor to grow in the first place. Whether it’s a result of Leo’s alleged curse, or it is somehow related to the serum that allowed Will to regain his memories, it will be something they need to figure out. And if they can keep it from being an issue, they will also need to figure out how to deal with the fallout when everything is said and done.

“Days of Our Lives” airs weekdays on NBC.