DC currently has its hands full with “Joker War,” a comic book storyline that promises to put an end to the deep-rooted showdown between Batman and the Joker. In the comic's storyline, Joker finally knows about Batman’s hidden alter ego, and he is finally gearing up to bring their epic rivalry to an end.

According to IGN, the comic book will introduce the Joker’s new partner in crime named Punchline. The character was first introduced in the books “Batman 92” and “The Joker: 80th Anniversary 100-page Super Spectacular 1.” Punchline’s origin and how she fits right into the Joker’s plans to finally defeat Bruce Wayne will be explored in this storyline.

In the series, just like Harley Quinn, Punchline, who is a “seemingly ordinary” student named Alexis, acted on her obsession with the Joker. She kills, just like the Joker, and decides to go chase her dream of becoming like him. Joker welcomes Punchline and enlists her help in his greatest plot thus far to destroy Bruce Wayne.

According to DC Comics Blog, Punchline will have her first face-to-face against Harley after her introduction in “Batman 89.” The scene is popularly dubbed as “you knew it had to happen” moment in “Batman” 92 and 93. It is also the culmination of the current “Their Dark Designs” story arc.

Artists James Tynion IV and Jorge Jimenez also weighed in with their own ideas concerning what Alexis is for the Joker. According to Tynion, Punchline fills in the void that Quinn has left with her departure. Her relationship with the Joker, and what she thinks about Harley, are explored in the story.

Jimenez said that she was the “anti-Harley,” hence the design she had on. The dark dress and her stark contrast with Harley's appearance seem to confirm this.

The Joker and Batman’s ultimate war will begin in “Batman 95,” which was arrived at comic store shelves Tuesday.

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