In a bizarre incident, a man came alive during his final rites but was declared dead again by the doctors after he was rushed to a hospital. The incident took place in Lucknow, the capital city of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh on Sunday.

Sanjay, 28, was rushed to a local hospital earlier this month where he was diagnosed with jaundice. He was shifted to another hospital five days later after he stopped responding to the treatment. However, his condition worsened and was declared dead by the doctors early Sunday. His body was taken back home for the funeral.

However, as the family waited for other relatives to arrive for the final rites, they noticed movement in Sanjay’s body. Suddenly, the man opened his eyes and gestured that he wanted water as he was thirsty. The shocked family members immediately got a cup of water and made him drink it. Minutes later, he again went motionless.

He was rushed to a local hospital again where he was declared dead again by the doctors after a thorough checkup.

In a similar incident in the Indian state of Punjab in May, an elderly woman was found alive in the hospital morgue where she was kept after she was declared dead by the doctors. The incident came to light when one of the woman’s family members, who had visited the morgue to check for the gold chain she was wearing, opened the refrigerator and found her breathing. Doctors immediately arrived at the morgue and made the woman drink some water before sprinkling some water on her face. The doctors handed over the woman to family members after a thorough checkup. However, the woman was shifted to another hospital the following day after her health started to deteriorate again and she was declared dead there.

dead body This is a representational image of the dead body of an Indian death row prisoner in Lahore, Pakistan, May. 2, 2013. Photo: Getty Images/Arif Ali