In a bizarre incident in the Indian state of Punjab, a 65-year old woman who was placed at the morgue after she was declared dead by the doctors at a private hospital was found alive by the family members.

The incident came to light when the unidentified “dead” woman’s family went to the morgue to check on the gold chain the woman was wearing. When one of the family members opened the morgue refrigerator, he found the woman breathing. Panic erupted and doctors were immediately called to the scene. Doctors arrived and made her drink some water.

They then removed the blindfold from her eyes before sprinkling some water on her face. When the woman finally opened her eyes, the doctors checked her and handed her over to the family once the hospital formalities were done, local television network Times Now reported.

However, after the woman was taken home by the family members, her health started to deteriorate again. She was shifted to another hospital where she died Wednesday morning.

Police, however, said though the incident had become a talking point, they haven’t received any complaint regarding it. The details regarding when the woman was initially declared dead were not known.

Dead Body
This picture shows a dead body at a morgue. Getty Images/ Sanjay Kanojia

In a similar incident in January, a Russian woman who was placed at the morgue after being declared dead came alive only to die hours later. The 62-year-old unnamed woman was heavily drinking at a party when she collapsed. Police arrived at the scene and declared the woman dead. The body was then shifted to the morgue. However, when a morgue worker tried to tie a tag to her feet, the woman started moving and “came back to life.” The paramedics arrived, however, due to the “extreme cold” conditions at the morgue, the woman died from hypothermia a few hours later.