Dead Of Summer
Amy chases Jessie and tries to kill her in the Season 1 finale of Freeform’s “Dead Of Summer.” Freeform/Jack Rowand

Freeform’s “Dead Of Summer” wrapped up Season 1 in a tidy bow. Episode 9, which aired last week, revealed a shocking twist about Camp Counselor Amy – she isn’t the sweet, innocent girl everyone thought she is. Instead, the devious blonde-haired counselor had actually murdered several people, including her family, in the past. She yearned to be demon Malphas’ vessel and her wish was fulfilled at Camp Stillwater.

What happened in Season 1, episode 10? Here’s a quick recap of “She Talks To Angels”:

Amy’s Real Self Is Revealed

Amy Hughes (Elizabeth Lail) cleaned herself up and she, Detective Garrett Sykes (Alberto Frezza), Jessie Tyler (Paulina Singer) and Alex Powell (Ronen Rubenstein) got in the car and drove away from Camp Stillwater. Sykes, Jessie and Alex are still oblivious to the fact that Amy has the demon inside her.

However, on the way, the car suddenly stops. Everyone wonders why the car isn’t starting despite it having a full tank of gas and recharged batteries. Then, Amy shows her true colors. She tells them that she wanted Malphas inside of her because she isn’t the sweet girl everybody thinks she is. She even tells them that Holyoke (Tony Todd) put a piece of his soul in Jessie which means neither she nor Amy/Malphas can leave camp.

The only way Amy can leave camp is if she kills Jessie.

It’s Jessie Vs. Amy

The Season 1 finale finally showcases the showdown all “Dead Of Summer” fans have been waiting for – Malphas/Amy vs. the light/Holyoke/Jessie. Jessie, Alex and Sykes keep running from the demon while he/she plays twisted games like capture the flag (the flag is Jessie). She even resurrects Joel (Eli Goree), Cricket (Amber Coney), Deb (Elizabeth Mitchell), a beheaded Blotter (Zachary Gordon) to help her kill the last piece of Holyoke’s soul.

Blair And Drew Return

Meanwhile, Blair (Mark Indelicato) and Drew (Zelda Williams) safely return the campers to their homes. They think that it’s over, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Anton, the child who can talk to Holyoke, advises them to go back to Camp Stillwater and help their friends. It’s not over.

Before heading back, they call the police.

Garrett Comes Up With A Brilliant Solution

Despite the police showing up at camp, Amy/Malphas continue their rampage. She acts like an innocent girl again and kills all the policemen. Nobody messes with a demon!

Moreover, when Amy was chasing Jessie, Garrett got hurt. A piece of glass from a broken window had been lodged inside his stomach. Jessie refused to leave him while Malphas gained on them. However, he convinced her that she should run because if she is killed by the demon, everyone will die. She gives him one last kiss and flees.

Additionally, Alex sacrifices himself to ensure Jessie doesn’t die. His heroic act was very unlike his character that believes in taking whatever he wants.

Eventually, Jessie gets tired of the goose chase and lures Amy to a cabin. Once there, Drew and Blair use the last of Lake Stillwater’s waters to cage her. Once trapped, Garrett, who seems to be alive, goes to Holyoke’s cabin and plays the hymn. Unfortunately, Amy/demon Malphas had tainted the hymn which means it won’t work on her.

Just when Jessie is close to giving up hope, and Amy’s undead army closes in on them, Garrett gets an idea. He plays the hymn from Joel’s camera. Joel records everything and he even recorded the hymn. Once the hymn is played, Jessie axes Amy for good and the demon is gone!

Jessie Goes To Northwestern University

A time-jump reveals that Jessie goes to her dream university. She turns her mother in for her DUI charge. Blair and Drew also have a happy ending – They take a trip to Seattle and attend a David Bowie concert.

Furthermore, it is revealed that Garrett actually died from his wounds. When Jessie kissed him, she transferred Holyoke’s light to her. Hence, Malphas couldn’t destroy his soul with darkness. In the end, Garrett reunites with his father at Lake Stillwater and becomes the new protector of the place.

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Dead Of Summer
The ultimate showdown between the demon and the remaining Camp counselors took place in the Season 1 finale (episode 10) of Freeform’s “Dead Of Summer.” Freeform/Jack Rowand