An investigation has been launched in Argentina to find the person responsible for mistakenly pronouncing a new-born baby, dead.

Authorities are questioning the midwife and gynecologist who handled the birth, along with other doctors at the public hospital.

Luz Milagros was born on April 3 and just hours after her birth she was pronounced dead. Her parents later found her alive and crying when they visited her in a morgue.

Milagros has been dubbed a miracle baby after surviving 12 hours in the conditions of the morgue.

Analia Bouter, the baby's mother, told Telenoticias TV that the doctors handed her the death certificate moments after her girl was born.

The baby was there and they put the little casket on a stretcher. We looked for a bar to pry it open, the baby's father, Fabian Veron, said in a press conference. My wife looked and uncovered it slowly. She saw the little hand and then uncovered the face. That's when it let the first little cry out.

I moved the coverings aside and saw the tiny hand, with all five fingers, and I touched her hand and then uncovered her face, Bouter said in the TeleNoticias interview. That's where I heard a tiny little cry. I told myself I was imagining it - it was my imagination. And then I stepped back and saw her waking up. It was as if she was saying 'Mama, you came for me!'

The baby is still in critical condition, although doctors have said they have seen a slight improvement, according to

Bouter has started to feed her baby milk every six hours, which has been a positive development in the recovery process.

Jose Luis Meirino, the hospital's director, said the baby suffered hypothermia. Her body went into hibernation and stopped its vital signs he added.

The baby was attended to by obstetricians, gynecologists and a neonatologist. They all reached the same conclusion, that this girl was stillborn. Meirino said about the decision to pronounce the baby dead prematurely.