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Could your next cool pic send you to the emergency room?

A woman fell 60 feet this week while trying to take a selfie on California’s tallest bridge. Although she was expected to survive, local police were not fond of her idea, writing, "You can lose your life and none of that is worth a selfie!" on its Facebook page Wednesday.

The unidentified Sacramento woman was walking with a group of friends on the girders underneath the 730-foot-tall Foresthill Bridge — the highest in California and the fourth highest in the U.S. — when she "attempted to take a selfie and fell," making her land "on a trail below,” the Placer County Sheriff's Office said.

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The woman was then airlifted to a nearby hospital. "She was knocked unconscious, suffered a deep gash to her arm and fractured bones that will require surgery," her friend Paul Goncharuk told KOVR.

Police said the public is not allowed on the walkways under the bridge. Trespassers can be arrested.

"Be safe and tour the bridge from the sidewalks above," the sheriff's office wrote on Facebook. "This young lady is very lucky to be alive, and the consequences could have been worse for her, her friends and her family."

The woman survived Tuesday's fall only because she landed on a trail close to the tip of the bridge.

"One misstep and there is no surviving a 730-foot fall. (The daredevils) are not just out there walking — they are getting braver," police spokesperson Dena Erwin told KCRA. "There’s peer pressure, so when they are out there, they are doing stupid things. We really want this to stop before someone dies."

Despite what authorities have said about the bridge, people still risked their lives as they uploaded images of themselves posing on the catwalk.

Since the bridge opened in 1973, roughly 100 people have been killed due to accidentals falls and jumping suicides, according to the Express Tribune.