Decentralized technologies like blockchain and smart contracts are ushering in a new era of streamlined business models and financial eco-systems.

A salient example can be found with the highly anticipated new platform. is a crowd funding model that allows digital currency users the opportunity to receive equity in the form of revenue sharing, ownership, and instant peer to peer rewards through a more secure, transparent, and seamless crowd-funding smart contract on the Tron blockchain. 's initial crowd funding venture is with AI market leader Endotech for the development of their next generation trading technology, which offers a higher-level deal grade than most crowd-funding ventures on Kickstarter have been able to reach.

To expound, Endotech is a financial technology company that is developing the new market gold standard in AI trading. Endotech’s newest project, also called, is positioned to deliver an unprecedented level of predictive probability through artificial intelligence, and when applied to trading in markets like digital currencies, forex, and equities, is also positioned to deliver unmatched results.

The team of scientists and innovative developers at Endotech are led by its visionary CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Anna Becker, and COO and Co-Founder Dmitry Gooshchin.

Dr. Becker has a one-of-a-kind background of success in the fintech world of AI and compliance. She sits on the Financial Commissions Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC), and her team has more than 20 proprietary AI systems in operation. As an experienced executive and change agent in retail finance, Dr. Becker has worked with more than 300 brokers and has served as the compliance officer with regulators like the NFA and CFTC.

Her trading software, Strategy Runner, provided full automation for over 50,000 clients with strategies offered by over 300 professional strategy developers. Strategy Runner was acquired by MFGlobal in 2011. Since then, she worked closely with over 35 systematic funds in Israel as part of Gilboa Fund-of-Funds and took part in developing automation and AI technologies for brokers.

Looking forward, Endotech has a big roadmap for the development of the trading technology, which is expected to significantly increase their already impressive AI trading performance. will also be a strategic vehicle for Endotech becoming a publicly traded company in the future. The smart contract allows contributors to participate in this roadmap and reap the equity rewards both now and in the future.

Expect an evolutionary leap in the crowd funding industry thanks to Its next —generation technological capabilities and peer-to-peer business model are primed to set a new precedent for multiple industries to match in order to compete.

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