Three juveniles were arrested Tuesday after they allegedly threatened a woman in Laurel, Delaware, with a BB gun.

Laurel Police Department said their officers while responding to a welfare check on Market Street and Railroad Avenue around 6:10 p.m. EDT came across a woman, who said she was reportedly threatened by three juveniles with a black handgun.

When police came across the kids, they fled on foot. They were caught later.

According to the police report, one of the suspects appeared to have a firearm tucked into his waistband. Police say it was actually a black BB gun made to replicate a Colt style semi-automatic firearm.

The BB gun was in the possession of a 10-year-old kid, who was part of the juvenile trio. The “toy” gun was tucked away at his waistband, with its butt exposed, ABC affiliate WMDT reported. 

All three juveniles were charged with resisting arrest. The 10-year-old faced additional charges for aggravated menacing, terroristic threatening and possession of a concealed weapon. All three suspects were later released to their parents, pending a hearing at Family Court.

According to Merriam Webster a BB gun “uses air pressure to fire small metal balls (called BBs).” BB guns and airsoft guns are considered fairly safe gifts for children in the U.S. They are supposed to help children learn about guns at an age when they cannot legally handle a real weapon.

While the two might often be confused by people, a BB gun is way more dangerous than an airsoft gun. The former shoots much faster and carries ammunition strong enough to pierce human skin. Under certain conditions, a BB gun is capable of killing an animal or human being, according to Airsoft Dome.

Also, BB guns are typically not considered firearms in the U.S., which means that teenagers, who cannot legally carry real guns, are allowed to arm themselves with BB guns without a permit.

To make people aware of the difference between a real gun and one that fires metal balls, LPD has posted the details of the incident on Facebook, with pictures of a real gun and a BB gun. The two guns look more or less similar, which might make it confusing for people, especially if they are being threatened with either of them.

One Facebook user pointed out the dangers of giving guns to children. “Wake up parents! You should thank God your son is alive and you only have the inconvenience of going to court, instead of having to plan a funeral. Kids can be so reckless without realizing the consequences. Fantastic job by our town police, so glad we have them watching out for our children.”

Another user wanted the suspects to face maximum sentences under the court of law, despite their young age. “Doesn't matter if you're law enforcement, homeowner, or CCDW holder, IF this were showcased and you felt in fear of your life, who will wait for the "bang" to decide...? Charge them with the MAXIMUM when using it!”