Dell on Wednesday introduced its new enterprise technology efficiency for small and medium businesses.

The PowereEdge R410, T410 and T710 servers and EqualLogic Storage Arrays will feature virtualization technology to make processes more efficient.

Its new PowerEdge R410 server paves up 80 percent improved performance (1) to technical and high performance computing and has a powerful 2 socket 1U server that is ideal for compute intense applications in space constrained data centers or HPCC environments.

T410 features quiet acoustics, available redundant power supplies and excellent diagnostics with an available interactive LCD, with robust performance and flexible 2 socket tower designed to address the broad needs of the growing business and corporate remote offices.

While, introducing the products and services, it’s attacking the complexity and cost of virtualization and high-performance computing clusters.

Customers are seeking standards-based technologies that improve efficiency while reducing costs, Brad Anderson, senior VP of Dell's Enterprise Product Group, said.

Meanwhile, its new EqualLogic PS4000 storage array will further simplify the planning, deployment and management of virtualized and physical IT environments.

“With that Dell, organizations will benefit from a powerful, efficient and affordable portfolio of server, storage and virtualization products and services that help put them on the fast track to efficiency,” he said.

Its new PowerEdge T410 and R410 servers are available today on starting at $999; EqualLogic PS 4000 is available on starting at $10,000. While, T710 will be available in next week.