• "Demon's Souls Remake" is now available on PS5
  • One of the toughest bosses to take down in the game is the Armor Spider
  • With some tips and tricks, players could easily defeat this beast

Some players are currently stuck in the Stonefang Keep of "Demon’s Souls Remake" because they could not beat the tough arachnid boss Armor Spider. However, with persistence and some useful tips and tricks, players could effortlessly collect this beast's souls.

The Armor Spider’s Weakness

The troublesome Armor Spider found in the Smithing Grounds is one of the most popular and stressful bosses in "Demon’s Souls Remake." Getting to the boss is already a challenging task, but the real difficulty lies in annihilating the beast in her lair. Just like most enemies in the game, the Armor Spider is vulnerable to magic. This means that players who are Spellcasters have an inherent advantage over this boss.

The Magic Approach

Fire-based attacks and spells would not be effective since the Armor Spider is resistant to fire. A player could instead begin with a Spell Arrow. They have to stay within the beast's range and always dodge her attacks. Staying reasonably close to the arachnid boss will ensure that the Soul Arrows connect.

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Blueprint's Demon's Souls remake is gearing up to be one the premiere PS5 launch titles.

The player should take note that the enemy's greatest threat is her fireball salvos. One should always watch out for her webs, too, because getting hit by one of its projectiles or stepping onto a patch of it considerably reduces the player’s movement. The player should also resist dodge rolling when covered by the web because it would only make dodging fireball attacks more difficult.

The Melee Approach

Sticky White Slime enchants the player's sword and allows dealing magic damage to the Armor Spider. It is important to keep the weapon of enchantment active to deal more damage, especially when the player is at close range with the boss. To get within striking range, the player should dodge roll several fireballs.

It is important for the player to stay at the center to avoid the enemy's unblockable leg slam attack. Since this attack is not too damaging, the player can easily block it by raising the shield. The Armor Spider will regurgitate black tar and the player needs to book it for the back of the boss arena because it means the fire is coming.

While in the beginning tunnel, the player should heal up using some grasses and reapply the Sticky White Slime before engaging the boss.

"Demon’s Souls Remake" players who defeat the Armor Spider get 5,950 souls and the Hard Demon Soul.