• Childe or Tartaglia is a new 5-star "Genshin Impact" character
  • He can be obtained through the game's Wish banner
  • Here are some tips and tricks on how to defeat him 

Childe or Tartaglia was first introduced in "Genshin Impact" in the Rite of Descension quest. With the arrival of Update 1.1, players can now obtain this 5-star character through the Wish banner. Players would sooner or later fight him in the game and they could use these tricks and tips to defeat him.

Phase One

Tartaglia or Childe is the most challenging boss to fight in "Genshin Impact" right now. Players will be forced to fight him toward the end of Chapter One: Act III – A New Star Approaches. To clear the encounter, players should beat him in all three phases of the battle.

In the first phase, Tartaglia only utilizes Hydro element attacks. He will also start ranged moves using his bow before splitting it into a couple of daggers if the player is close enough. Players should observe the shape of his weapons to determine the attack to watch out for.

If Childe shields himself in a Hydro veil momentarily, rest assured that an attack is coming. Players must deal enough damage to the veil to break it, locking Childe into a stagger for as long as possible while they keep the attacks coming. Childe will also fire six fast Hydro arrows or two heavy but slower shots with a melee at the end.

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Aim to side-step the faster three-hit combo to keep from losing too much HP. When he daggers the player out, wide-reaching melee attacks will follow. Focus on evading to his rear. When his HP reaches 1%, get away from him because he will use a Hydro wave for damage, will pop his shield for another splash of a hit and will reveal his Electro form.

Phase Two

Childe will use a polearm and longer twin daggers. The key here to watch his every move. He will swing the polearm like a baton and initiate a 180-degree arc. Dash behind to avoid it. He will follow up with a similar attack, this time using his daggers, so prepare your attacks and dodge again.

One attack to be wary of is the multi-hit dash, but players should see this when Childe slowly arches forward using his polearm. He will dash two or four times coming from his last position. Learn the rhythm and frame each using the tap and run button. It is best to retaliate on his final strike by breaking the Electro veil and locking him into a stagger that he could barely come back from. Attack him again and this time, Childe will be enraged.

Phase Three

At this point, Childe will be in his true Harbinger form and he will let out Electro and Hydro attacks. He will still use the polearm-dagger combo, but this time, they are much bigger. His attacks will leave Elemental marks on the opponent, which could be triggered by Elemental Bursts for massive damage.

When the sword is out, expect frontal swings and heavier hit but when he is at a distance, expect Hydro slashes or occasional lightning bolts. Unlike in phase one, where there are geysers, there will be multiple circles on the ground's surface in phase three. The best way to avoid these is to be at the center of all the circles. However, when there are no circles on the ground, stay at the corners of the arena.