• Bungie will be improving how rewards can be obtained in Gambit matches
  • Players will have more opportunities to recover from deaths and invasions
  • Matches should feel faster overall once the changes are implemented

Gambit might not be the most popular of “Destiny 2’s” game modes, but that doesn’t mean Bungie is giving up on it.

In their latest TWAB, the developers gave the game mode its spotlight by detailing some significant changes that will hopefully alleviate some of the growing pains players are experiencing with the current version of Gambit.

Bungie noted that Gambit would shift toward having a heavier emphasis on teamwork. Teammate revival windows are getting increased, and enemies will have better damage resistance against non-matching energy types. Additionally, Motes will no longer be drained if at least one player is near the bank while fighting Blockers.

Speaking of Blockers, the Medium Blocker will get its health bumped up a bit, and the Heavy Blocker will obtain a Stasis move that can freeze players. This should make depositing 10 Motes a bit more worthwhile while further increasing the value of those risky 15-Mote bank attempts.

Next, respawn points will be added near each Front to make death slightly less punishing while keeping the overall flow of combat steady. This will also make Invasions less devastating.

A Hunter with the Lord of Wolves exotic shotgun in Destiny 2
A Hunter with the Lord of Wolves exotic shotgun in Destiny 2 Bungie

Bungie is also tuning Invasions by reducing its frequency and toning down the invader’s power. Players will no longer see how many Motes enemies are holding, which incentivizes going after every enemy instead of hunting down just one target. On a side note, dying to any enemy will cause players to lose only half of their Motes instead of all of them, which should make the Motes phase quicker.

Also, Primeval fights are getting reworked. Instead of nuking Envoys in the bank area, the enemies will start spawning out in the Fronts, which should force players to move and react accordingly instead of just camping the main boss. Burning down the Primeval should also take slightly longer if players fail to take it down during the first vulnerability phase.

Lastly, the Gambit rewards and the Drifter are getting the same treatment Trials of Osiris received in the past. Players can expect targeted loot acquisition in the form of Engram Focusing to make grinding Gambit less RNG-heavy.

There’s plenty more in store for Gambit in “The Witch Queen” and beyond, and Bungie plans to implement even more changes once Season 17 arrives.