• The Dawning event offers plenty of unique Christmas-themed rewards
  • The event is all about baking and giving cookies to NPCs
  • This year's Dawning features the new Zephyr exotic Stasis sword

The yearly Christmas event for “Destiny 2” is finally here again, giving players a chance to earn some unique loot as well as some cool new items to play with. Eva Levante is back at the Tower to help Guardians spread the holiday cheer with tons of treats and cookies for everyone.

There’s a lot to be done in this “Destiny 2” event, and for those who are experiencing the Dawning for the first time, here’s a quick guide on what to do and how best to progress through the event to get the most loot possible.

Bake Cookies, Earn Rewards

The Dawning is all about the cookies. Upon speaking to Eva at the Tower, she will give “Destiny 2” players their own cooking oven where they can bake their own treats.

These treats can be given to specific NPCs throughout the solar system. Giving treats to NPCs will reward players with event currencies and maybe even a few gifts from the NPCs themselves.

Destiny 2 - Shadebinder Warlock
Destiny 2 - Shadebinder Warlock Bungie

To bake cookies, players need to gather ingredients from any activity and cook them all together at the oven. Open the quest tab and check the cooking oven to see all available cookie ingredients and the materials needed to make them.

How to get Essence of Dawning

Essences of Dawning are required to bake cookies. This resource can be obtained from completing any playlist activity such as Strikes, Gambit or Crucible matches or other activities found on the Director tab. Just play the game normally and players should get enough essences in no time.

How to masterwork the oven

The holiday oven can be masterworked to reduce the ingredients required to bake cookies. This can make farming for Dawning loot faster and less tedious. To masterwork the oven, players simply need to bake one of each cookie in the list.

Quests, Upgrades and Loot

Eva will send players on two quests: one to Zavala and another to Saint-14. Complete both quests to unlock the targeted loot boxes under Eva’s rewards tab and earn materials to purchase each of the upgrades under the corresponding tab.

Finishing these quests is required to be able to target-farm the Glacioclasm, Zephyr, Cold Front and Avalanche weapons. Target-farming will increase the odds of getting perfectly-rolled gear, so try to finish the quests before opening any gifts or turning in rewards.