• Damage multipliers can be stacked to massively increase throwing hammer damage
  • Wormgod's Caress is required to reach high throwing hammer damage values
  • The Monte Carlo and One-Two Punch shotgun are great weapons for this build

The Sunbreaker Titan sub-class has access to what is arguably the most powerful PvE melee ability in “Destiny 2” — throwing hammers.

When paired with some key exotic armor pieces and the right mods, the Sunbreaker’s hammers can reach ridiculous amounts of damage. Players were previously able to completely melt raid bosses like Riven and Atheon in seconds with a single throwing hammer Titan until Bungie stepped in to intervene.

Nerf aside, throwing hammer builds are still very powerful and extremely fun to use. Here’s one build that can essentially kill Nightfall champions in 1-2 hits while providing extreme survivability.

Destiny 2 Forsaken introduced the Devastator Titans, equipped with great mauls and throwing hammers Destiny 2 Forsaken introduced the Devastator Titans, equipped with great mauls and throwing hammers Photo: Bungie

Mandatory Exotics

For this build to reach its peak DPS potential, players must take the Wormgod’s Caress exotic gauntlets for the Burning Fists passive. These gauntlets will increase melee damage after scoring a kill with a melee attack. This can be from either normal punches or throwing hammer kills.

Burning Fists stacks with middle-tree Sunbreaker’s Roaring Flames ability, which increases ability damage after every kill. Since throwing hammers count as both a melee attack and an ability, players will be able to rack up an insane damage multiplier that can easily result in damage numbers of over 200K.

Optional Exotics

The Monte Carlo auto rifle is a great option for this build because of its Markov Chain perk, which increases the weapon’s damage after every melee kill. More importantly, this weapon will help players recover their throwing hammer faster for those rare cases where they accidentally throw it across the room or off a cliff.

Tractor Cannon is another viable option for players who want to maximize their damage potential. Alternatively, the Salvation’s Grip grenade launcher can work well with the Focusing Lens mod since throwing hammers count as Light Ability damage.

Lastly, consider bringing a One-Two Punch shotgun to boost melee damage even further.

Armor Mods

This build will require the following armor mods:

  • Well of Life
  • Melee Wellmaker
  • Elemental Charge
  • Protective Light
  • Concussive Dampener
  • Thermoclastic Strike

Melee Wellmaker guarantees that at least one Solar well will spawn with every hammer kill. Each well will grant increased health regeneration thanks to Well of Life and the Tireless Warrior skill, which automatically triggers health regeneration after picking up a hammer that hits an enemy.

Solar wells will also charge players with light, which will power the Protective Light mod that grants damage reduction when shields are down. Pair this with Concussive Dampener to prevent explosives from killing players outright.