• Weapon crafting can be accessed after finishing the "Witch Queen" intro mission
  • Players can only craft a limited number of weapon types
  • More weapon blueprints will be added at a later date

Weapon crafting is finally live in “Destiny 2,” but players will have to go through several hoops before they can start making the gun they’ve always wanted. There’s more to this crafting system than just bringing a bunch of materials to a forge, though the entire process won’t necessarily be any more complicated than it has to be.

Before anyone can craft a weapon, they’ll need to finish a lengthy intro mission to “The Witch Queen” first. The game will automatically throw all players into this story quest the first time they log into “Destiny 2,” so this step should be impossible to miss.

After completing this segment, players will get access to the Relic at Ikora’s Enclave on Mars, which serves as the main crafting station. The game will also task players with crafting their first glaive to serve as a tutorial for weapon crafting.

Overall, making new weapons isn’t terribly complex. First, go into the Relic’s Shape menu then pick a Pattern for any desired weapon. A new window will appear, and it will let players pick their weapon’s archetype, masterwork type, four main perks and a Memento, which can be unlocked later in high-difficulty activities.

The weapon crafting screen in Destiny 2
The weapon crafting screen in Destiny 2 Destiny 2

Choose from any combination of the available options, then hit the weapon’s icon on the right side of the screen. This will cost a fair bit of resources.

Keep in mind that as of writing, only the new “Witch Queen” weapons can be crafted in the Relic. This includes the Throne World weapons, the new world drops and a few exotics.

Existing weapons from the previous versions of the game cannot be modified via the Relic. However, more weapon patterns will be added in the future seasons of “Destiny 2.”

Also, there are some limitations to the crafting systems that might subvert some expectations. Not all perks are available for every weapon type, which means that having Explosive Payload on a 900 RPM SMG will still just be a dream.

On the other hand, any crafted weapons can be modified and enhanced further as players level them up through combat. Such versatility is invaluable, and the perk restrictions mean that players still have a reason to farm for those legendary weapons from other activities.