• The Wellspring now has built-in Bad Luck Protection
  • Some craftable weapon perks have been fixed and re-enabled
  • A few weapons were tweaked after receiving unintentional buffs

The latest patch for “Destiny 2” introduced some much-needed fixes to some of the game’s frustrating elements that were introduced along with “The Witch Queen.”

After a short maintenance period, “Destiny 2” was updated with Patch, which was meant to address some concerns that players had with the Wellspring activity as well as some issues with crafted weapons, broken perks and unintentional damage buffs to certain weapons.

The drop rate for Throne World weapons in the Wellspring activity was one of the biggest complaints players have had since the release of the expansion. Not only were weapon drops rare, but the odds of them dropping with Deepsight Resonance were also extremely slim. This severely hampered the progress players could make with one of the Evidence Board quests that required the weapon patterns for the Come To Pass auto rifle and Tarnation grenade launcher.

To resolve this concern, Bungie added Bad Luck Protection for weapons and Deepsight mods in the Wellspring activity. This means that players will have an increased chance of receiving the day’s featured Throne World weapon the longer they go without getting one.

A custom-built weapon using the weapon crafting system in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen
A custom-built weapon using the weapon crafting system in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Bungie

Next, Bungie addressed the problem regarding certain Enhanced Perks in craftable weapons. Enhanced Pulse Monitor and Enhanced One-Two Punch are now usable again but not without having their problems weeded out.

Enhanced Pulse Monitor now no longer has the innate Overflow perk, as it would cause weapons to have thousands of bullets in a magazine.

Meanwhile, Enhanced One-Two Punch’s trait duration has been decreased to 1.22 seconds to prevent Titans from abusing Shield Bash. The former has caused at least one false ban, while the latter allowed a Guardian to kill the Last Wish raid boss in a single melee hit.

The hotfix also addressed some unintentional damage buffs to certain weapons, particularly the Wardcliff Coil, Imperial Needle and Ikelos SMG. These weapons previously dealt 40% extra damage, but the patch seems to have fixed this issue.

Lastly, the Grand Overture received a buff to its maximum ammo capacity, which should let players use it more often for clearing standard enemies. Another hotfix is expected soon as an unintended damage buff in Gambit was discovered by players.